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Kingston Tennis Club
45 Napier Street, Kingston, ON  K7L 4X1

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2022 was a milestone year at the KTC. The major renovation of the heritage clubhouse was completed, and the result is beautiful. The club is booming, with over 500 members. The KTC Board is active, skillful and progressive. They want to ensure the KTC is a place of tennis developemt, not just a facility, and that is where the partnership with the NTS is proving productive. 


NTS Director Tony Roth led the charge in creating a new and improved format for the KTC summer camps. The regular camp now takes fewer kids, includes off-court athleticism and sports, and staff training, using the NTS Methodology to improve the on-court experience. We also introduced the Next Level Camp, for keen and more advanced players. The camp, offered via the KTC and under the banner of the NTS, was developed in cooperation with the City of Kingston, taking place at the Kingston East Community Centre. The arrangement with the City included daily lessons in conjunctioin with the Boys & Girls Club, and physical training through the in-house YMCA. It was a great set of partnerships, and bodes very well for the future. The KTC camps were overseen and directed by Rishi Laird and Arjun Devnani, both of whom took an active interest in learning the NTS principles and methods. 


Tony led most of the in-house seasonal programs this year, whichi included Mighty Mites & Futures for the juniors, and Night Owl, Doubles Duty, Early Bird and Beginner classes for adults. The beginner classes were constantly full, and the Early Bird featured a devoted core of hard-working and fun-loving players. Shout-out to Julia, Martha, Sunita, Diane, Laura & Laura! 


We look forward to our continued partnership with the KTC in 2023. Working with Donna, Alma, and the supportive KTC Board, we will seek to expand and continually improve what we offer and deliver. Stay tuned for program details coming early in the new year! 

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2023 Program Information coming soon...

  • Beginner Ensemble

  • Early Bird

  • Night Owl

  • Doubles Duty


2023 Program Information coming soon...

  • Mighty Mites (Ages 7-9)

  • Futures (Ages 10-14)

  • Teen Tennis Ensemble (Ages 13-16)

Players whose level differs greatly from the total group, whether above or below the group average, may be  removed from the roster at the discretion of the program leader. In such cases a credit or refund will be offered and alternative instructional opportunities sought.   



Camp will run weekly througout the summer, Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Level: Low Intermediate + (not for beginners)

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