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Message from NTS Founder Tony Roth:

Following the closure of the Ottawa Athletic Cub, the NTS is seeking a new venue. We expect to have good news in the near future. Like a great tennis player, we appreciate the past and learn from it, but we live in the present and strive with enthusiasm into the future!    Thank you to everyone who has played and learned with us over the last sixteen years, and for the strong support you have expressed over the past several months. Stay tuned, we will be offering a full slate of Adult and Junior Programs at our new home in the spring.

See you soon on the courts!  



Welcome to the Noble Tennis School. The mission of the School is to provide a perfected environment for teaching and learning the great game of tennis. 


Tennis is great because it requires vitality, personal integrity, mental focus, emotional stability, perceptive intelligence and developed skills, the very ingredients of excellence and happiness in life. The School nurtures these accomplishments in an atmosphere that is equal parts enthusiasm and expertise.  

The School is a structure, developed and refined over a period of decades. This structure includes:


  •  A Teaching Staff with an exceptional degree of enthusiasm, knowledge and skill.

  •  Complete and seamless Pathways of Progress, based on age, level of play and commitment.

  •  Comprehensive Programs that provide the right blend of group training, individual training, matchplay, tournaments, physical       preparation and mental preparation for each of the Pathways.   

  •  A Complete Methodology, based on decades of experience and research, and applied with expertise by the teachers in every     program.  


In the environment and structure we provide, you will experience enjoyment, improvement and accomplishment, as never before. Welcome to the Noble Tennis School.   

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