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The NTS Pathways create seamless progressions of mastery, based on age divisions, levels of play and degrees of commitment. Students find their proper starting point and then progress to any level they seek. At every stage the Programs provide a suitable quantity of training and play activities, always at maximal levels of quality.



This Pathway leads to successful play at provincial and national levels. The total pathway includes two sections, or phases, known as All-Stars and Master-Class. 


The All-Stars phase includes everything Under 10. It cultivates enthusiasm for the game, overall athleticism, basic tactics, and a strong base of tennis-specific skills, including stroke essentials, player mentality and sportsmanship. It is known as the "Classical Foundations" stage within the School.  


The Master-Class section starts at U12. Tennis is increasingly a central focus in life, and training is organized around a schedule of competitive play. It continues the work of building the Classical Foundation, while merging into the "Playing is Learning" stage.   

The Competitive Development Pathway culminates with the U18 Master-Class, which has players attending sport study schools, or home schooling, in order to maximize training and play. There is a strong emphasis on the "Playing is Learning" element for these highly developed players. 

Players emerging from the Competitive Development Pathway are normally eligible for NCAA scholarships, leading potentially to professional tennis. 


ITF stands for International Tennis Federation. The ITF Pathway supports successful play at the international level. Within the NTS, these players are in the stage known as "Mastery and Refinement."  

Players will normally enter this Pathway at U16, but can begin preparation and exposure as early as U14. Players at this stage are established national competitors, ready to work their way through the 5 grades of ITF events, thereby building an international ranking and profile. 

Players on this Pathway are engaged in the "Learning to Perform" stage of the Tennis Canada Development model, and are introduced to "Living as a Pro." 


This pathway requires the highest levels of commitment, organization and expertise from teachers, players and families. It requires support and collaboration with provincial and national federations, cooperating academies and local support, as players deal with sustaining their education while undertaking international travel, and the need for ongoing improvement of skills and results. 




Starting from the Introductory Programs, this Pathway includes Intermediate and

Advanced Levels. Each level is divided into U14 and U18 Divisions. 


Students on this Pathway are seeking highly organized and professional programs, with steady training throughout the year and regular opportunities to Play. All students practice a minimum of twice per week and participate in suitable competition. 

The Diligent Development Pathway leads to successful play at High School and Regional levels. If the basic programs are combined with additional instruction, training and play, it leads to success at Provincial and National levels.  

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NTS INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMS: Everything starts here! Our Mighty Mites and Futures Programs are organized by age group. They run on a seasonal basis throughout the year.


The Programs are led by full time teaching professionals, with maximum 4 players per court, and modified equipment to make the game immediately accessible to younger students. The lessons are highly organized, always led by full-time professionals, and the atmosphere is one of great enthusiasm. Many NTS players began here and moved on to the highest levels of play in the province and nation.

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