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Committed to the Perfectment of Tennis

The Noble Tennis School has been a leader in tennis and player development for the past twenty years. At the Ottawa Athletic Club, the School grew into one of the largest and most successful in the nation. Under the leadership of Tony Roth, participation rates increased by 100%, and players reached provincial, national and international levels of play, according to their aspirations. 

Tony is joined by fellow Directors Carlo Zambri and Ben Etheve-Meek, and by a team of professionals that have been working together under the Noble Tennis banner for many years. This experienced, unified, committed group ensures the high quality of organization and programming associated with the NTS is sustained in every venue where the School operates. 

Meet the Team


NTS Director & Founder,

KRC Racquets Director 


NTS Assistant Director

OTLBC Program Leader


NTS Assistant Director


NTS Instructor


NTS Instructor


NTS Instructor

Meet the Honour Roll Students

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NTS Students

“Along with the most dedicated coaching staff, I think what is most unique about the NTS is the emphasis on growth not only as a tennis player, but also as a person. Always bringing a determined spirit every time you step on the court and striving for perfection are two of many lessons I have learned…I would not be the same person or player without their guidance.

“The Noble Tennis School (and all of the staff on board) has been such an incredible influence on my life - both on and off the court. The school was not only focused on developing exceptional tennis players, but also exceptional people! I want to thank everyone at the School for supporting me throughout my tennis career and personal journey”

"Personal growth, with regard to tennis and one’s self. No statement better describes my experience with the Noble Tennis School…with the help of the NTS I can proudly say that I have grown as an individual. More than developing as a player, the NTS cultivated qualities that will serve me in tennis and beyond—passion and dedication"

“Having come from Europe, where the training was outstanding, I was disappointed when I saw the level of coaching in Canada, until I met Tony Roth. He re-ignited my love for tennis. He started working with me back at step one…you would always have a coach behind you, feeding you more and more knowledge, teaching you all about discipline and hard work. I came back day after day to Master-Class, knowing that I would walk away a better and smarter player”

NTS Parents

“…You and all of the other coaches have taken such care to create a wonderful environment for my kids to learn how to play the great game of tennis…They are great kids and you have played a role in who they have become through this”


“You guys have made the kids into more than just good athletes. With focus on holistic well-being, on and off court behavior, I am a firm believer that you are making them into better human beings and they will take what you are teaching them into every aspect of their lives”

“Your high competence and calm leadership took her skills to new heights.  We will always be your biggest fans and supporters” 

“Our son has been going to Noble Tennis School for the past 2.5 years (doing Mighty Mites when he first started and then moving to U8 All-Star last year).  Over that period of time, he and us have had a great experience with all the coaching staff from the school."

“I want to thank you for what your team was able to accomplish with my daughter in the one year that she was involved with the Noble tennis program, and camp; the growth in her tennis skills and in her character”  


“We want you to know that our son, and his parents, are extremely grateful to you and your team for the work you put into these boys and the outstanding coaching they have received”

NTS Colleagues & Friends

“Just wanted to Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Noble Tennis School.  The main reason I began teaching at the OAC was your energy, ideas, visions, philosophies etc...I wanted to be part of something special.  And I was for over 12 years and learnt so much”

“Our kids always felt very welcome at your school for tournaments and matchplay.  In the selfish regard, we immediately think of the school as being the foundation for competitive tennis in Ottawa”


“The product and service you offer and deliver is world-class”

It's official! There's a new member of the Tennis Locker family, hailing all the way from the Great White North! We'd like to extend a warm Tennis Locker welcome to The Noble Tennis School.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Noble Tennis School has a well-deserved reputation. Led by seasoned professional Tony Roth, Noble Tennis School is known for developing top players, from beginners to college athletes. Their mission is to provide a perfect environment for both teaching and learning the beautiful game of tennis. What a noble goal!




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