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Noble Tennis Centre
Site Pending, Ottawa ON

As many in the NTS and the wider communiy know, we are working towards the creation of a new indoor facility in Ottawa, which we have named the Noble Tennis Centre. The quest began after the closure of the Ottawa Athletic Club in September, 2020, which left the NTS homeless and the Ottawa-Gatineau region starving for courts, programs and tennis development structure. 


Tony Roth (NTS Founder & Director)  and Zhenya Kondratovski (Rockliffe Lawn Tennis Club Head Pro, OTA Regional Coordinator) have been at the forefront of this quest for a dedicated indoor centre, with loads of support from experts in finance, business planning, fundraising, corporate law, facility design, dome and court construction. We have had expressions of support from the City of Ottawa, and many people are prepared to invest and otherwise assist in the endeavour. Financial institututions have declared their readiness to help finance the project, and both the OTA and Tennis Canada are firmly behind us.  


The big challenge is finding a site. It is no exaggeration to say that we are leaving no stone unturned! Whether it is city property, commerical real estate, government lands, airport authority, warehouses, parking lots, golf courses, schools and universities - we have been there! Finding a site with enough space (at least 3 acres), in a suitable location within the city boundaries, and at a purchase or lease rate that makes sense, is not an easy task. 


Earlier this year, working with the National Capital Commission (NCC), we thought we had the answer - a great parcel of land at Bank Street & Lester Road. Initial consultations with diverse NCC departments, the City of Ottawa and the Conservation Authority were positive, but the formal environmental assessment revealed wetland characteristics that barred any development on the site, so back to square one. We have also been close to a Letter of Intent with the Airport Authority, but they recently decided to postpone any development on the intended site. 


Currently, the NCC is undertaking an inventory of their lands, with an eye to lease opportunities. They have expressed determination to try and find something suitable for the tennis centre, and will present options in the new year. At the same time, we are in talks with another sports group that is about to lease a large parcel in a stellar location, and they are very keen to entertain sub-lease options with groups like us. While the difficulties, delays and near-misses are frustrating and test the patience, our resolve remains firm, and we are hopeful that 2023 will be the turning point. 


Thank You to everyone for your ongoing enthusaism and support. Please get in touch if you can be of assistance, and otherwise stay tuned for positive updates and news flashes! 

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